Additional Services

ALS Inspections, LLC offers an array of other services to meet your inspection needs.

Commercial Inspections

If you’re buying or leasing a smaller commercial property in the metro Atlanta area, ALS Inspections, LLC will assist you in evaluating the property’s condition before you make an investment.

Bank Draw Inspections

When banks finance the construction of new projects, they often require an inspection before each draw, making sure construction is up to code and progressing according to plan in order to release funds for the project. ALS Inspections, LLC will assess construction and provide documentation and photos of a project before bank draws to confirm contractors are building to code in a timely manner.

New Construction or New Construction Phase Inspections

During a new construction inspection, ALS Inspections, LLC serves as the buyer’s advocate, making sure your home is up to code beyond a general municipal code inspection. This comprehensive inspection ensures that construction complies with Georgia’s Standard Construction Codes and allows the builder to address issues before the completion of construction. ALS Inspections, LLC can also arrange phase inspections if you would like the project to be inspected at various points throughout the construction process.

Warranty Inspection

ALS Inspections, LLC will perform a complete evaluation of your home, usually ten months after you have moved in to your brand new home and prior to the builder’s one-year warranty expiration. A warranty inspection provides you with the documentation needed to hold your builder accountable for deficient items and to fix them in a before your warranty expires. This inspection can help you reduce costs beyond the first year of home ownership.

Pre-listing Home Inspection

Before placing your home on the real estate market for sale, a pre-listing home inspection gives you, the homeowner, and prospective purchasers peace of mind. A pre-listing inspection can identify potential hazards with the property prior to placing it on the market and determine if any systems require repair or replacement. It can help you assess the actual condition of the property before establishing a fair market value and sometimes results in a faster sale.

Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) Inspection

ALS Inspections, LLC strongly believes in giving back to our local community. We work with NACA’s Home and Neighborhood Development Department (HAND) to provide inspections for homeowners needing renovations and repairs and to help prevent foreclosures. A NACA inspection follows the same guidelines as a general home inspection, but your report will include many more hi-res pictures of issues with your property that require maintenance.

ALS Inspections, LLC proudly serves the metropolitan Atlanta area.

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